BFA, OHUG, OFF & ON - Alphabet Soup

The Barter Faire, from its inception, has been a great boon to this community! It is the source from which has sprung, the Cultural Project com­munity center, the Community Con­sciousness Fund, much Co-op funding and many other things. This writing is an attempt by Buffalo Mazzetti to clarify the history of the Faire and its attendant legal structure, Okanogan Highlands United Gathering (OHUG): what it was, what it did and what happened to it.


Through the years it became obvious that as an organization, OHUG was in fact a NOT-for-profit-organization which was formed and existed for the betterment of our community. It also became evident that the responsibilities of both maintaining the land and put­ting on an annual faire were too great a burden on too few people. Every year we not only maintained and improved the property, we also donated too many non-profit organizations, needy families and scholarship funds. So, in council, those folks who had continued to envi­sion, design and create the space for the Okanogan Family Barter Faire, decided to create a 501 c4 non profit corporation, called the "Okanogan Neighbors." As the Barter Faire became the Okanogan Family Faire [OFF], those who took care of the property became Okanogan Neighbors [ON]. Together we figura­tively, metaphorically and realistically became OFF and ON!

On July 26, 2005, The Okanogan Highlands United Gatherings Ltd. was dissolved and all assets were transferred to the new ON. ON would take care of the land. OFF would man­age the Faire. Voting Members (Stock­holders) of O.N. have essentially the same requirements: they volunteer at least 20 hours per year on the land or at the Barter Faire or for the land improve­ment. There are considerations for hon­orary memberships. A Board of Direc­tors is selected by the membership, and is elected at an annual membership meeting.

Make Your Membership Count!

To make sure you are recognized as a member, Fill in a membership form application available at the Okanogan River Natural Food Coop, or come to the "Volunteer Bus" during Faire time. Sign up as a 20 hour volunteer or take on a coordinating position.

Please sign in at the Bus or fill out an application. This will insure that you receive notice of meetings, votes and important decisions that govern our land and the event. Keep an eye out in the Co-op for the next Okanogan Neighbors meeting. Come participate. This is true democracy. The Barter Faire and most of the world, is run by those who show up. Be there now.