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Day Visit  



We are primarily a peaceful weekend family gathering that extends well into the evenings. Join Us for the Day Our day visit entry begins at 8:00 am and continues well into the evening.


The Faire attracts folks from all over the northwest and beyond. You'll find folks trading goods, playing music, sharing arts and crafts, dancing and singing. Day visitors may enjoy the enter-tainment offered in all areas. Stage happenings, activities in our youth play areas and shopping an array of displays brought by our numerous vendors make it a fantastic visit.


   Prepare for Walking

Walking from our day parking area and all around the faire then the return to your car is about a two to three mile jaunt. It is an enjoyable walk full of interesting sites, wonderful smells and sounds created by the eclectic array of others. You may want to bring a pack or cart for hauling your goods around and back to your car. Also, a flashlight may come in handy if needed.

   No Rave...

We have wonderful music and entertainment but this is not a concert. We're a peaceful family gathering and day pass holders are asked to leave the event by midnight


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Board of Directors

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The Okanogan Family Faire is a 501c4 non-profit organization whose mission supports cultural projects and education in the Okanogan.

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