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The Faire attracts folks from all over the northwest and beyond. You'll find folks trading goods, playing music, sharing arts and crafts, dancing and singing.  Stage happenings, activities in our youth play areas and shopping an array of displays brought by our numerous vendors make it a fantastic visit.


    No Cell Service / So Plan Ahead

 If the site fills, the gate will be closed to entry, whatever the day or hour. Know this is a possibility when planning rides with others before or after you. Buy all necessary supplies and make that phone call before you loose service.


No Unaccompanied Minors

If you are under 18 we can't let you in without a parent or legal guardian. Be prepared to show identification at the gate.


Respect Our Neighbors



If you think you will arrive before or after gate hours, plan to camp somewhere along the way. You will not be permitted to come up the road or onto any part of the Faire property, including the day parking lot. Please respect our neighbors and town by not camping in unauthorized places.


Unscheduled Gate Closures?

Possible, due to:

1, Safety Concerns - 2, Security Concerns - 3, Capacity Reached

If the site fills, the gate will be closed to incoming traffic, whatever the day or hour.

Know that closure is a possibility when planning rides home with people who arrive after you.


Trash Collection

Food Vendors must supply trash containers and are responsible for hauling out all garbage as they exit.



No Dogs

Documented (Service Animals) Only. People with any other dog will be turned away at the gate. All dogs will be reported to security. Owners and dogs will be escorted out of the Faire by our security team and Faire entry voided.


No Generators

Bring a good supply of ice to keep your food cold. Ice will be available for sale on location as needed throughout the weekend. Check at office for ice location and plan your cooking and lighting w/o a generator


No Drugs or Alcohol

We still don't allow drugs or alcohol and we will be removing these items and perpetrators.


Restricted Trading Items


No Alcoholic Beverages

If we see it, you will be asked to leave our ground


No Glow Sticks

Glow stick type products have toxic fluids that leak out and leach into our earth.


No Plastic Pellets

Plastic pellets get left behind and are difficult to collect. These become litter that leach into our earth.


No Open Display of Paraphernalia

This includes any object designed or intended for use of any controlled substance.

Automotive Care

If you have automotive problems like over-heating, weak battery, poor tires or starting issues, please repair them before you leave home. The road to the Barter Faire site is a steep dirt grade with few turnouts. A defective vehicle creates problems for all incoming and outgoing traffic.

Recycle    Camp Fires Pre-Faire Camping

May  19 - 21



Spring Faire




Chefs Needed


Board of Directors


Board of Directors

Who We Are


Volunteer Contacts

The Okanogan Family Faire is a 501c4 non-profit organization whose mission supports cultural projects and education in the Okanogan.

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