Day Visit

Per Person - $15
Entry Begins at 8am
Fri, Sat, Sun

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Per Person - $80
*Entry Begins at 8am, Friday

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Vending - General

Per 12' Vending space $120
**Pre-Purchased Ticket Entry - 8am, Thursday
*Gate-Purchased Ticket Entry - 12pm, Thursday

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Buy Tickets

*Prices listed for at gate ticket purchase.

*Expect a line of vehicles getting tickets on entry.
The gate will decide when it is necessary to shut down for the evening.
Camping will be staged and drivers must camp near their cars until morning.
No Unaccompanied Minors
If you are under 18 we can't let you in without a parent or legal guardian.
17 years old or under enter free - Be prepared to show identification at the gate.

Service Animals Only

Food Vending?
Go Here

Non-potentially hazardous products such as oven baked goods, standardized fruit jams, jellies, fruit butters, vinegars and dried mixes fall under Cottage Food Operation Guidelines. A PERMIT IS REQUIRED; along with food handler's card, proper labeling and a food vendor application form. You MUST have a copy of your permit with you at all times and you MUST apply as a food vendor.