Vending - Food

Food Vending Entry Begins Wed @ 8am

The initial food service inspection will take place on Thursday by Okanogan County Health Department. Food vendors will be allowed to vend on Thursday.

Complete this document as it is needed for vending placement in the circle.

Food Vendor Application Form

Food Vendor Regulations

General Vendor Guideline

*Food Service Permit...

No food service permit will be issued after 14 days before the event.

A Food Service Permit will not be Issued at the Faire.

Pay particular attention to the type of foods allowed.
The Health Dept will be on site to inspect each food vendor. All foods must be prepared on the Fair site. No home-canned or home-prepared items are permitted. Exceptions are items prepared in a licensed facility.

Application for Food Permit

Okanogan Co. Health Dpt. (pdf file)

(509) 422-7140
1234 S. 2nd Ave. - P.O. Box 231
Okanogan, WA 98840


Eco-Friendly Serving Products - Required!
Includes cups, plates and utensils
No Styrofoam
Trash Collection
Food Vendors must supply trash containers and are responsible for hauling out all garbage as they exit.

Water More Precious Than Gold

Beginning 2012, "Water More Precious Than Gold" is the sole sponsor of The Okanogan Family Faire. Food booths are now required to purchase water through The Okanogan Highlands Bottling Company.
Please contact for prices and sizes.
Food vendors or anyone selling water should pre-order and can then pick up water on site at the drum circle from Wednesday on.