2017 Faire Info Sheet


This Sheet is Required for Food Vendor - Placement

Please Print Clearly

Name (First)________________________________________(Last)______________________________________________________



Mailing Address______________________________________________________________________________________________


Name of Business_______________________________________________________________________________________________

Name of Booth (if different)________________________________________________________________________________________

Will you be camping in your space_____________________

Do you have a current food handlerís permit? ________ If so, please attach a copy to this application.

How many years have you run a food booth at Okanogan Family Faire?_____________________

What food items are you cooking? Please list menu items (attach a copy of your menu). _________________________________________




How do you plan to keep the food items at proper heat temp?______________________________________________________________


How do you plan to keep the food items at proper cold temp?______________________________________________________________


What Food Island would you like to be placed in? (This does not guarantee your space. We will do our best to accommodate you).


Please check one:

_____Drum Circle/Solar Stage

_____Main Stage

_____North Youthtopia



How many food booth spaces are you purchasing? Please check one:

______12ft Booth Space $200

______two 12ft Booth Spaces $300

______three 12ft Booth Spaces $500

______four 12ft Booth Spaces $600


Go to Here to purchase your food vending space (s)   (Ticket purchase includes booth spaces only. One space = one ticket in)

Go to Here to purchase extra camping tickets.

General Information Aka Read Me!

OFF requires all food booths use only compostable/recyclable products. This is not a request peeps.

All greywater must be disposed of in official Barter Faire supplied greywater containers. Each food island will be provided a receptacle to dump your greywater. Our local health department would really appreciate it. Thanks!

NO GENERATORS! Period! Donít ask! Trust me I wonít return the e-mail.

We do not provide electricity. This is a rural environment and you must be prepared. Read the website.

ICE is available for purchase on site. It will be more expensive then town so bring as much as you can. We will let you know where soon.

Stay within your purchased space. You and others can camp behind your booth but please respect booth boundaries.

Okanogan Family Faire supports a NO GMO concept. If your booth is GMO free, advertise the heck out of it.

Okanogan Family faire also supports locally sourced food and a variety of healthy choices. If your booth is all organic or all vegetarian or all local meat, advertise the heck out of it.

Bring your own water. Bring as much as you can. We offer water but our facilities are somewhat limited. There are multiple spikets available on site. A wheel barrow works for long hauling.

OFF Food Vendors Schedule

All food vendors arrive Wednesday before the Faire. October 1st 2014. Drive to the main gate. We will place you individually into your space. Do not arrive Tuesday night. There is camping available at the Rodeo Grounds in Tonasket.


Are you ready to send this baby in? Items to check off:

_____Application completely filled out?

_____Copy of your current food handlerís card?

_____Copy of your menu?

_____read all general information and schedule? (very important)

Scan and E-mail info sheet to our manager@okanoganfamilyfaire.net

OR send to:

OFF Faire Manager

Okanogan Family faire

P.O. Box 761

Tonasket WA 98855

Please note: you must fill this out and send it back to us for consideration as a food vendor.

Thank you for your time. Weíll see you at the faire.