Camp Fires

Hospitality Fires

We have several free hospitality fires around the Faire. These fires are maintained by volunteers. Do drop by and warm yourselves, your food and even your hearts.

Prepare for Cold Frosty Nights

Bring some warm gear. The Faire is located in the highlands and is colder than in the valley. So do prepare your camp for a frosty night. It is considered disrespectful to other Faire-Goers to use an automobile to create heat.

High Fire Danger?

The Dept of Natural Recourses may allow us a limited number of contained fires for the campers. If so, we will control the total number of fires by issuing our own on site fire permits and inspection crew.

All Campfires Must Have a Visibly Posted Fire Permit - Fire Permits can be obtained at the Info Booth on Main Street

Burning of Trash is Prohibited

Burn clean and dry organic matter only. No paper, plates, cups, cardboard, newsprint, plastics, Styrofoam, treated lumber or any other material other than clean dry firewood. Trash items are harmful to our air quality and are prohibited by law. Burning of trash will be reported to our security staff.

Absolutely NO Fireworks

24 Hour Fire Watch
If you would like to volunteer your time to help keep the site safe, see our volunteer page. Check-in at the Volunteer Bus to sign-up for crews needed day and night.

Unauthorized Fires
Non-permit fires or fires built directly on the earth will be doused by our fire watch crew, our security notified and violators are likely to be escorted out of the Faire and passes voided.

Fire Permit Requirements
On-site campfire permits are issued to responsible parties who are willing to share their fire with others. A limited number of these free permits are available at the Info Booth, provided you meet these basic requirements.
1 - All fires must be in an acceptable steal or ceramic fire container.
2 - Fires must be attended at all times.
3 - Fires must have a shovel nearby.
4 - Fires must have five gallons of water nearby.
5 - All fires must have a nearby visibly posted Fire Permit.

Fires Container
Must use an acceptable steal or ceramic fire container to protect the earth and contain fire:
1 - A freestanding wood stove
2 - A cut down steel drum
3 - A washing machine suitable container.


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