Entry begins at 8 am on Friday. The event ends at 5pm Sunday.

Primitive Camping

Camping at the Faire is primitive in that drinking water is scarce. Potable water may not be close to your camp, so bring your own water. Each camping pass includes enough space for your vehicle, a tent and ample camping space. Camp sites do not include fire pits or tables.


Restrooms are located around the faire circle and in camping areas with some of the larger sets having hand washing stations.

Help Us Steward - Please, Pack it Out

We do have recycling and garbage collection kiosks in and around the trade circle -which is a bit of a walk from camp sites. It helps to plan for a leave no trace camping experience and to sort your recyclables before tossing the bags of garbage - please make time for this before departing- respect the land. Please do not leave behind or bury your waste. Your site is your responsibility, enjoy it and clean it when you leave so others may do the same. Your responsible for hauling recyclables and garbage to the kiosks upon exit. please pack in & out what you can.

Be Prepared!

If you leave the faire in your vehicle at any point, you'll pay full price to get back in. This substantially reduces traffic up and down the road for all Fairgoers.

Cold Frosty Nights

Bring some warm gear. The Faire is located in the highlands and is cooler than Tonasket. It is disrespectful to all neighbors to run your automobile to create heat.

No Cell Service / So Plan Ahead

If the site fills, the gate will be closed to entry, whatever the day or hour. Know this is a possibility when planning rides with others before or after you. Buy all necessary supplies and make that phone call before you lose service.

No Drugs or Alcohol

We don't allow the sales of drugs or alcohol at the Faire. No public displays of paraphernalia. No open alcohol containers. If we see it, you will be asked to leave our grounds.

Pre-Faire Camping

Tonasket Chamber of Commerce
Camping RV and tent camping - 509-486-1276

Wauconda RV: 509-486-2511

Aeneas Valley Camping @ Long Lake, Round Lake, and Elk Lake


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