First Aid

We have First Aid On-Site, 24 Hours a Day... Run by Volunteers

Volunteers using the radio should train for emergency protocol
and attend at least one First Aid "Pre-Faire Work Party".

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Visitors with pre-existing medical conditions, such as: insulin dependant diabetes, asthma, seizure disorders or heart conditions are encouraged to stop by our First Aid station. Please, communicate your condition with us so we may better serve you in case of emergency.
Bring Necessary Medications
Please plan ahead because finding a nearby provider for medication refills during the Faire may be difficult.

First-Aid Location

First-Aid is conveniently located at the west end of Main St. at the Orange Lane (see map). The space consists of the Aid Teepee and a large treatment trailer prepared with health care supplies.
"Our Registered Nurses are caring individuals and sensitive to your right to privacy and choice of treatment. We are happy to help any way we can during the event"

Handicap Accessible

Parking is Available - Just Inside the Gate

If you are mobility impaired with wheelchair, crutches or have other disabling conditions, please communicate this at the gate. This info will allow us to place your camp close to one of six wheelchair accessible restrooms. In an attempt to keep these facilities clean and sanitary, we will restrict the use to those who need them. A key and a location map will be issued at the gate on entry to those who ask.


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