Vending - General & Food

General Vending

Vending Circle

Vending spaces are at least 12ft wide in front, 20ft deep and marked with chalk. Your vending booth, vehicles, tent and other items must fit within those boundaries. Vending location may be purchased online, or at the gate beginning at noon on Thursday. Spaces are granted on a first come, first serve basis.

One vending purchase includes a camping pass for one person. Others traveling with a vendor may purchase a weekend camping pass. The route is a steep dirt grade with few pull out spots. If you have over heating, poor battery, starter or other vehicle problems, please get them fixed before departure. Expect vehicle lines, entering and exiting the highway and the Faire. Please, shut off your vehicle as often as possible.

Food Vendors*


1) Food Vendors must mask up while making/serving food
2) Food Vendors need to provide Hand Sanitizer (or Hand Washing Station) for customers and staff
3) Food Vendors need to use single-use compostable serving utensils or be able to properly sanitize silverware between uses (which is already the policy!)
4) Samples must be in individual servings (No Buffet Style Samples)
5) Have single use condiment containers or sanitize between customers

All vendors selling or sampling prepared foods, or processed foods must comply with Okanogan County Health Dept. food handling guidelines. It is every vendor's responsibility to be aware of and in compliance with all permit and licensing requirements. Copies of all permits must be posted/onsite at all times. ALL foods MUST be prepared on the Faire site. No home-canned or home-prepared items are permitted. Exceptions are items prepared in a licensed facility.

Bring Necessary Supplies

If you leave the Faire early, you pay full price to get back in. This should substantially reduce traffic. Buy all your necessary supplies and make that phone call home before you enter the Faire.

Trash Collection

Vendors must supply trash and recycling containers and are responsible for hauling and sorting recyclables to designated recycling areas. A large dumpster will be onsite to provide a place for trash collection only. Recyclables will need to be sorted out before garbage is put into the dumpster. There will be a $5 per bag fee for unsorted trash.

Bottled Water Vending

Once again is the official water sponsor for the Okanogan Family Faire. This means that if you vend bottled water YOU MUST PURCHASE IT FROM THEM. To order water for your booth or if you have any questions email:


Food Vending Entry Begins Wed @ 8am

The initial food service inspection will take place on Thursday by Okanogan County Health Department. Food vendors will be allowed to vend on Thursday.

Complete the documents as they are needed for vending placement in the circle. Send completed forms to

Food Vendor Application Form

Food Vendor Regulations

Temp Food Permit Guidelines

*Food Service Permit...

No food service permit will be issued after 14 days before the event.
A Food Service Permit will not be Issued at the Faire.

Pay particular attention to the type of foods allowed.
The Health Dept will be on site to inspect each food vendor. All foods must be prepared on the Fair site. No home-canned or home-prepared items are permitted. Exceptions are items prepared in a licensed facility.
Application for Food Permit

Okanogan Co. Health Dpt. (pdf file)

(509) 422-7140
1234 S. 2nd Ave. - P.O. Box 231
Okanogan, WA 98840


Eco-Friendly Serving Products - Required!
Includes cups, plates and utensils
No Styrofoam
Trash Collection
Food Vendors must supply trash containers and are responsible for hauling out all garbage as they exit.

Water More Precious Than Gold

Beginning 2012, "Water More Precious Than Gold" is the sole sponsor of The Okanogan Family Faire. Food booths are now required to purchase water through The Okanogan Highlands Bottling Company.
Please for prices and sizes.
Food vendors or anyone selling water should pre-order and can then pick up water on site at the drum circle from Wednesday on.


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